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We’ve combined some of the UK’s brightest academic minds, with a team of 600+ mentors, all of whom hold an Oxbridge degree. Our team is comprised of current Oxbridge undergraduates, Masters and PhD level graduates, with degrees ranging from Robotics and Chemical Engineering to Political Theory and Cognitive Neuroscience.

Bespoke Learning

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A primary academic mentor from Oxford or Cambridge will supervise every aspect of a student’s study, creating a comprehensive programme which will ensure academic goals are reached in their desired subject/s. It’s a fast-track to success. Our mentors are highly experienced with tuition at 7+, 8+, 11+, 13+ (school entrance and general tuition), GCSE, A-Level, IB, Oxbridge and Ivy League preparation.

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GCSE, A-Level & IB



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The strength of u2’s team lies in the network of current undergraduates, recent graduates and Masters or PhD level graduates, who have studied over 90 courses at Oxford and Cambridge. Our mentors are there to inspire students to pursue and refine their subject interests outside their school curriculum, as well as to demystify the practical aspects of application, from personal statement and admission test guidance, to mock interviews and organisation of work experience.

We don’t offer a short-cut to Oxbridge success, our specialism in extra-curricular learning nurtures a student’s intellectual curiosity, which sets them up for success.

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Caroline Herschel was the first female paid scientist and woman appointed to government in the UK. Sister of William Herschel, a famous astronomer who discovered the planet, Uranus, Caroline became respected as an astronomer in her own right after discovering 8 comets. As an accomplished musician, mathematician and linguist in addition, we thought who better to have as a figurehead for our Extra-Curricular Club for Girls. Read more about the club here and apply to join,

Work Experience

u2’s Oxbridge mentors have worked at a variety of leading firms, in a wide range of subject-specific areas. Our Work Experience Placement service makes use of this network to arrange subject-specific work experience opportunities for students. We have placed students at Shakespeare Schools (a drama & theatre charity), WSP (a world-leading Engineering firm), have had students mentored by a Tech prodigy and work as research assistant to an Oxford Psychology researcher to name a few.

Digital Learning

u2 have teamed up with some of Oxford and Cambridge University's brightest Computer Scientists for 1-1 online coding sessions for 7-11 year olds and 11-18 year olds. Mentors will be able to lead you through everything from creating applications, software, websites etc. by writing 'code' in programming languages (Java, JavaScript, C++, Python and Go), as well as markup languages like HTML and XML, stylesheet languages like CSS, database languages like SQL, and more. We’ll pair you with the perfect mentor for one-on-one teaching and talk you through the best way to kickstart your digital learning, according to your experience and what’s right for you. Mentors include a Cambridge Advanced Computer Scientist and software engineer at Siri, a mentor who has worked at MIT Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab as well as the Brazilian National Institute for Space Research (INPE) and en employee at Google.

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