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Exploring the Realms of Off-Curriculum Scientific Learning

Oxford Medical student, Rhea, discusses the benefits of exploring the advancing, fascinating world of science, alongside and beyond the science curricular syllabus through a range of scientific journals, books and magazines.

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What Books Should My Child be Reading?: 'Dahl-Dependency' & How to Avoid It

Are we limiting the repertoire of children’s literature that we expose our children to by depending on Roahl Dahl? What should your child really be reading? u2 mentor, Kirsty (Biological Sciences graduate, Oxford University & trainee on the prestigious Teach First Leadership Programme) gives her view.

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Education: How Learning a New Language Can Boost Cognitive Intelligence

Despite a decline in language entries at UK schools, building research shows language learning is increasingly important and cognitively beneficial in today’s increasingly global society. Learn a new language outside the school curriculum with u2’s linguistic specialists.

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