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Studying a Mathematical Subject: An Oxford Physics Master's Graduate's View

In some ways, Maths and Physics, being the most mathematical of the sciences, are the easiest subjects to learn. Oxford Physics Master’s graduate, Sanjay, explains the benefits of higher level mathematical study and the essential study skills required to succeed.

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How to Dazzle at Interview: An Oxford Psychology Graduate and DPhil Psychiatrist's View

Interviews can seem scary and hard to prepare for as you never quite know what to expect. However, they are extremely important, with many selections for school and university applications made almost entirely on interview performance alone. Luckily, there are a number of things you can do during the interview and in preparation that can really help you stand out.

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Why the Next Generation Needs to Learn to Code, and the Easiest Way to Get Started

Of our 600+ Oxbridge mentors, u2 have mentors that can kickstart your learning in all aspects of Computer Science. Many people think that coding is an impossible skill to learn, or that it’s something best left to geeky geniuses. But this is just a myth. Anyone can learn to code, and indeed, more people should learn to code.

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