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Exploring the Realms of Off-Curriculum Scientific Learning

Oxford Medical student, Rhea, discusses the benefits of exploring the advancing, fascinating world of science, alongside and beyond the science curricular syllabus through a range of scientific journals, books and magazines.

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Why Expose Students to Current Affairs?

As we enter into an increasingly compartmentalised approach to education, introducing children to current affairs has never been more vital. To engage with current affairs in our modern era allows a student to become well-informed and broadens their perspectives, developing their critical and analytical thinking skills as well as teaching them the value of free expression of opinion and the importance of debate.

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The Oxford Humanity Graduate’s Guide to Super-Curriculum Learning

If you want to apply to Oxbridge or any other high ranking university, it’s incredibly important to read around your chosen subject. Oxford graduate, Ellen, guides you through the kind of research you should be doing to demonstrate a passion and commitment to learning, enhance your personal statement and allow you to dazzle at interview.

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