Nurturing a Child's Intellectual Curiosity: The Key to Oxbridge Success


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u2’s long-term programs for Oxbridge success

Would you like to fast-track your child to Oxbridge success? Would you like your child to be mentored by some of the best academic minds in the world? Our pioneering team of 400+ tutors, every single one of whom has an Oxbridge degree, has a proven track-record of success to top UK schools, Oxford and Cambridge Universities. Years of long-term preparation are critical for a chance to gain a place at Oxford and Cambridge, the Universities currently ranked Number 1 and 2 in the world by Times Higher Education. With the most specialist knowledge of the application process and a 100% success rate so far for candidates chosen for our programs, there’s no one better to mentor your child to a place at Oxbridge. Here’s why:

From 2013-17, only c.16% of Oxford applicants and c.20.6% of Cambridge applicants, achieved success in entry

Many students with exceptional academic records and intellectual ability are turned down by Oxbridge each year. Why? The application process to Oxford and Cambridge is extremely challenging, not only requiring candidates to have the highest exam grades, but also to excel in admissions tests, submit written work and have multiple interviews with leading professors

Figure 1: The Oxbridge application process in detail

Figure 1: The Oxbridge application process in detail

There is an increasing demand for Oxbridge places, with Oxford’s overall application numbers increasing by 15.8% since 2013. This means success in entry is only getting harder. Candidates struggle most with personal statement submission and the interview process, because it can’t be taught at school. The student is expected to demonstrate a high level of performance capability and creative thinking in their specific academic field that goes beyond what they can learn from school lectures and basic A-Levels. This requires months, if not years, of vital preparation, exploring material outside the school curriculum.

u2 tuition have the best resource of Oxbridge tutors available, to help with the hardest elements of the application process 

The amount of in-depth subject knowledge required for a candidate to perform well at interview, means students must begin the process months if not years in advance. u2 suggest mentoring begins up to three years before application, even if the exact subject for application has not yet been chosen. u2 mentors have studied over 90 different courses at Oxford and Cambridge between them, from English Literature and Mathematics to Robotics, Philosophy & Theology and Computer Science. After an initial screening, we pair the student with a primary mentor in the subject best suited to them. A student will be given access to a whole team of secondary mentors who can give them subject masterclasses in specific areas, organise work experience or interview preparation.

Figure 2: u2’s mentoring process explained

Figure 2: u2’s mentoring process explained

u2’s long-term preparation programs for Oxbridge success, enrich and accelerate each student’s learning in a number of ways: 

1)    Reading:

Looking ahead to further study at Oxbridge, it is hugely important to encourage breadth, depth and independence – students should read widely and closely, pursuing their interests in different subject areas. Due to u2’s current links with undergraduates at Oxford and Cambridge, we have reading lists suggested by actual Oxbridge professors for each subject. A student’s mentor will guide their reading, discussing material in tutorial sessions, which teach the student how to communicate with subject experts.

2)    Extra-curricular activities

Whilst Oxford and Cambridge barely consider a candidate’s non-subject related skills and achievements e.g. sports and art, subject-specific extra-curriculars are often crucial to a student’s application. Have they participated in an essay competition? Have they visited lectures, museums or plays? For older students – have they done any subject-specific work experience like clinical experience if applying for Medicine or lab work for science? u2 offer an extra-curricular service, where our mentors find Internship opportunities for students, coding courses with Oxbridge computer scientists, law masterclasses and more.

3)    Tuition:

Schools are often not equipped with the right tools or time to enhance talented student’s academic education to the level required for Oxbridge. To develop knowledge of specific academic fields, services or activities outside of school, like u2 tuition, are necessary to fast-track academic progress.

The main approach to Oxbridge preparation tuition should be to enrich the student through the teaching of additional, related material, outside their school curriculum. If your child is showing a high level of measured intelligence and specific academic aptitude in a subject area, it is worth nurturing through extra tuition. u2 programs focus on accelerating the student, giving them knowledge in new areas of study, to prepare them for Oxbridge success.

Case study: Student applying for Psychology, Philosophy & Linguistics at Oxford

One student joined u2’s Master Program with the hope of achieving entry to Oxford the following year. This is the level of support u2 offered him:

·      The student was assigned a primary mentor from Oxford, who achieved a 1st Class degree from New College, Oxford, and the best mark in her entire year. The mentor is due to become a Fellow in Yale and has received the prestigious Anna Freud Scholarship for Psychology.

·      The primary mentor organised the student two weekly sessions with a team of 6 other u2 mentors, including a PhD-level tutor in Psychiatry.

·      A timetable was sent to the student with his weekly masterclasses. He was also entered into two essay competitions run by Oxford and Cambridge – with the help of one of his mentors, he achieved a top 10 result.

·      The student was organised work experience relating to Psychology in the UK. He was given three weeks experience with a Researcher at University College London, who taught him how to carry out psychological research. He also visited Oxford to work with a PhD student in the Department of Psychology.

·      The student was given an in-depth college tour around Oxford. Admissions statistics for each college were examined, before a college choice was made.


There are no shortcuts to getting a place at Oxford or Cambridge. A student must prepare years in advance and develop subject knowledge that goes beyond anything that can be taught at school. u2 tuition are unrivalled in their resource of Oxbridge tutors and specialist knowledge.

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